Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sketch Friday - June 4

So i have a little confession to make, becuase i was away for a while i have a lot of sketches sitting that i havent posted, although im not sure if have posted some of these before, but i thought id spring clean my sketch folder, so the rest of the weeks in June there are going to be about 5 sketches a week :)

If you use any id love to see what you did with them :)

This is a LO about the Natural Bridge in Yoho Park, this area is so seriously stunning!!!

Barry and I went to see Lady A back in March, AWESOME SHOW, the sound better in real life than they do on their CDs!!

This might sound weird, but ... i have a recurring dream of living in a house, the house is a beach house, all the furniture and floors are white washed wood, the linens are all white and there are big french doors with long white curtains floating in the breeze ... all white like that is not my design style at all, however i love it when i have this dream and it really relaxes me, so i thought id do a lo to try and remind me of how peaceful my dream house is!!

I wanted to use the white on white theme, so i used a white hambly overlay on top of white card stock then did a white doodlebug title :)

Last month whilst we were in Seattle we did the underground tour, this is a horific photo but i wanted to remember the fun we had on the tour, we dont normally do tourist things in Seattle but this time we made an effort to and it was so much fun!!


  1. YEY!!! I will play along... great sketches and fab LOs. I especially love the white on white of the dream house LO. That overlay is pretty

  2. Thanks for the great sketches Jemma!

  3. here are two more using your sketches